A Quick skim of Legal Considerations in Design

A topic that is often not adequately addressed (IMHO), the legal considerations in learning design.
Professor Shalin Hai-Jew from Kansas State University provides the following insightful information.

"And as with anything in ID, it helps to know the general rules at the beginning—so that clients may be notified and made aware. The legal aspects should be part of the design from the beginning because designing correctly helps save on costs later down the line. The legal aspects should be integrated with every step in development, in order to ensure that the created contents are appropriately created. There are some work-arounds as well which make the work more efficient and accurate. This article will highlight some legal-focused instructional design approaches.

The below link provides discussion in the following areas:
"…the legal rules fall into three main areas:

(1) Intellectual property

(2) Accessibility

(3) Privacy protections

A Quick Skim of Legal Considerations in Instructional Design

By Shalin Hai-Jew, Kansas State University**


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