Design for How People Learn, Motivation- Free PDF

Julie Dirksen, author of Design for How People Learn**
The quotes by well know designers like Michael Allen and more…
this quote was impressive!

“This book is probably the single best book for the person who’s just getting started and wants to know more about instructional design and how people learn.”

I downloaded the free PDF on Motivation from chpt 8. and it was something I will keep as a highly valuable resource reference.

“There are two main types of motivation that we concern ourselves
with as learning designers:
• Motivation to learn
• Motivation to do”
The PDF focuses on the motivation to do.

Author of the Rapid E-Learning Blo

Design for How People Learn


@Roxann Thank you for posting this! I am trying to curate a library of great resources for the LXD community, and this will definitely go into it!

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