San Francisco Bay Area

Hi all! San Francisco Bay Area representing. Anyone else from here?


Welcome, San Francisco Bay Area!

Hello. Where are the Cali people here?

Hella here. I’m in The City and so happy that Karl the Fog is gone for a bit - although we need the rain.

Who can relate?
@LynnEsquer @JennyN @Cihnat and even @Dukie - you’re part of the Golden State, right?

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I’m in the Bay area (east bay). :bridge_at_night:

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Hi, Lyndsey here! located in the East Bay!

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East Bay, too, @jamibreese and @LearningLynds! Alameda. Where are you in the 510/925?

San Mateo county represent! Do we have any local meetups (even virtual) to meet all Bay area based L&D professionals?

Hi - thanks for asking, @Akr! There is no plan now for local meetups, but you could always lead that. Alternatively, there is a very well-run Bay Area chapter of ATD that hosts programming much of it is on Zoom.

An upcoming program is on March 10th and will focus on giving better presentations.

See their full event lineup here, or contact LX member Jenny Niec (@JennyN ).

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3-Day Instructional Design Workshop offered by SF ATD Golden Gate Chapter

Presented by Kris Schaeffer, CPTD, our most popular professional development workshop, now virtual and still highly interactive, is coming up soon! You will not only learn how to design engaging training, you’ll also learn how to train online. To maximize learning, there are a limited number of spots