AI Image Recognition & More!

Greetings LX Community Members,

                I found a few minutes to add in one more post before the New Year!  Data is often frequently discussed in many different ways.   It seems data annotation in AI is a topic in itself, and it might have some relevance and meaning for you as well.  Scroll half way to locate a sub topic, "What Image Recognition Bring to the Business Table?"  

More Thoughts

There’s a reason why AI and image recognition became the essential technology of our time: it has the potential for the future for a variety of industries. In manufacturing, recognition of defects is seen as one of the most significant steps that can save a lot of money for the businesses. Insurance companies are starting to use AI image recognition technology to personalize their approach to customers by evaluating how they drive or care for their homes.

               To close, as AI data, as defined in the article, is new to many of us, it is important to cultivate an open mindset and explore these areas with curiosity and interest, leading you more fully into useful AI  ideas, and informative AI learning experiences in the new year!