Will You Wear the AI Wearable Pin? This device will Increase Learning Opportunities

Hello LX Community Members!
AI of course is the hottest topic since last November-December, when Chat GPT launched publicly and the quickening began. Today generative AI, still controversial, still highly emotional for many, still highly questionable in terms of reliability, validity, bias, equity… still is so incredible, with so much potential for everyone especially for our community of learning/instructional design professionals. (Search AI for more resource posts).
Learning /Instructional designers have incredible opportunities right now to explore AI and learn what AI tools can support your business/educational environment.

             What's important is to give yourself permission to play with the tools, start slowly- try ChatGPT or Dalle... the free versions.  

Now for a glimpse of the future of tangible AI… A device by Hu.ma.ne. the Humane AI Pin.
Check it out!


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I am reminded of Google’s Glasses with this pin. I see opportunity it could bring a user, yet I must admit, I am hesitant although I don’t know why, my phone already listens to me, my watch monitors and tracks me so… maybe it’s the costs I’m not ready to add my existing budget.

From a health and wellness viewpoint, if this tool can monitor patients (I’m thinking home-based care primarily) and connect to caregivers and provide feedback at the time of need this could be very powerful.

Fascinating times to be living in!!

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Hi Bill @WJRyan ,
Definitely adding another device esp. with a subscription fee is something to seriously consider. As one of the first Google Glass explorers, the Glass Explorers had to pay a large upfront cost for the device… at $1500.00. Everything else was free - of course you would have needed access to the internet for the full functionality of the wearable.
I do see some advantages of having AI accessible all the time , unless your turn it off. I wouldn’t want my phone or my watch as if would be so very nice to have just one device. It reminds me of the All in One Printer, I think my HP printer would fit into that category.
I guess time will tell how wearable AI will develop. I’m very curious about using it but I cannot see myself adding another subscription fee to what I already have. I would rather at this time use Chat GPT to make GPT’s… and that from my understanding is a $20.00 per month fee.
So for now I’m staying with the free version of ChatGPT. I can’t justify myself upgrading at this time as I am not a power user at this time. I’m hopeful with the next update GPT will be free.

It is a very exciting time to be alive!

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I remember the Glass explorer, I had a member of my team working on performance support ideas utilizing the tech as a part of their professional development and my belief this was a viable option for PS in a manufacturing environment - ahh, the good old days!

I’ve been experimenting with Claude.ai instead of ChatGPT, you might find it of interest (and no cost!) and the recent release of MS CoPilot I’m finding useful along with their Designer (graphic image ai tool). Try and share your insights!

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Thanks Bill! I will soon be exploring your recommendations!!! I need to add more to my AI skillsets!

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