Using ChatGPT AI in Designing Learning Experiences

Using AI can almost at the same time, be both scary and intriguing for learning designers. Looking at using it as a learning tool is my primary focus, to use it to for creative learning experiences. IMO, it has incredible future potential for designing creative learning experiences in educational and business environments.

The following is a sample of what I asked ChatGPT:

I asked ChatGPT AI to create a business scenario with two creative learning experience solutions using ChatGPT for onboarding employees in work place safety.


Your company is looking for creative ways to onboard new employees and ensure that they are familiar with workplace safety protocols. You want to make the onboarding process engaging and interactive, and you believe that ChatGPT could be a valuable tool in achieving this goal.

Solution 1:

One way to use ChatGPT for onboarding employees in workplace safety is to create interactive quizzes and trivia games. ChatGPT can generate customized quizzes that test new employees’ knowledge of safety protocols and procedures. The quizzes could be designed to be fun and engaging, with multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blank prompts, and short answer questions. ChatGPT could also provide instant feedback and guidance to help employees understand any areas where they need to improve.

Solution 2:

Another way to use ChatGPT for onboarding employees in workplace safety is to create interactive scenarios and simulations. ChatGPT could generate custom scenarios in which new employees are asked to respond to hypothetical safety situations and make decisions about how to handle them. For example, ChatGPT might present a scenario in which an employee discovers a chemical spill in the workplace and ask them to choose the appropriate response. The simulation could provide instant feedback and guidance to help employees understand the correct course of action.

Overall, ChatGPT can be a powerful tool for onboarding employees in workplace safety by providing interactive and engaging learning experiences that challenge employees to think critically and make informed decisions.


Zsolt Olah just penned a thought-provoking article for eLearning Industry titled AI Wrote A JavaScript Code For eLearning For Me

Do you think Artificial Intelligence (AI, such as ChatGPT) is capable of writing JavaScript code for us to copy-paste into a Storyline trigger? Are you ready to work with an AI assistant? I invite you to travel with me to GPT-land. Specifically, we’re going to ask OpenAI’s ChatGPT to pretend to be an award-winning eLearning developer who knows Articulate Storyline and JavaScript and can help us write JavaScript code (while we pretend not to know JavaScript)…

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Hi Joseph, @MilwJoe
Thanks for the link on the ChatGPT article from the eLearning Industry website by by Zsolt Olah.
While ChatGPT is so new to most of the learning design profession, I am totally intrigued by the potential it does have albeit it has to be primed with more information to write code- this is revealed with great detail in the article using Storyline as the example.

The concluding paragraph puts it out there quite frankly- it has issues with writing JS code but at some future time this will probably be solved.

"The fact that it can casually explain how to use Storyline, and seemingly can write JavaScript code with ease, is a glimpse into the future. However, this future is so far a dream. Absolutely realistic, but still a dream. "