Beyond Words: Using Chat GPT to Enhance Learning Engagement & More!

Hello LX Community members,
If you are new to AI or if you are continuing to look at how Chat GPT can assist you with creating e-Learning content, and learner engagement, that is what this post is all about. Even if you have briefly explored Chat GPT or if this is your first time looking at AI, this post will hopefully provide you with an intro to the basics of using Chat GPT in the framework of creating eLearning content. The link below is one of the most useful resources I have found so far in my own exploration of intentionally using Chat GPT for prompt engineering and more deeply for content creation .

Here’s a sample prompt for learning designers to examine.

**Prompt: **
I want you to act as a content development expert and recommend the best [type of content] for delivering instruction on [instructional topic] to [target audience].


Your comments, ideas, and feedback are always welcomed here.


Power of the prompt is key. In a demo this past week the results of this tool came back with misinformation, unsavory resources, along with true creative solutions so keeping the queries narrow, focused, and evaluating the results with a critical eye will be key to your success in using these platforms.

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