Don't Miss this AI August 2023 New CHAT-GPT Feature

Hello LX Community members!

         This August morning, the newest feature in CHAT-GPT has come to my attention from a professional university friend at the University of America in Armenia.  I will post his information which he freely shares on X (formerly Twitter) and has a related YouTube link which he shares with complete information and examples.  Even if you are not a CHAT-GPT user, you will not want to miss this new feature! It's awesome!

Brent Anders:
Great new feature that ChatGPT #AI has now released to its free version (Custom Instructions):… - this can save you time and make your ChatGPT interactions much more efficient. - What are your thoughts?

free the bird

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I found Nivi’s list of custom instructions from a newsletter that I think could be useful: ( He has suggestions for the top and bottom sections.

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Hi @jrajcok Jason!
It’s always wonderful to add a new AI resource! I’ll check it out ASAP! :slight_smile: