It's HERE! NEW CHAT GPT 4 Released Today

Today the newest release of ChatGPT is here. ChatGPT 4 has arrived!
How can ChatGPT, and generative Ai influence and leverage your learning design experiences and future capacities?

Generative AI can be influential in Learning & Development, where it can assist with generating new learning content, images, voiceovers, and micro modules in seconds. Organizations need to understand and explain the functionality of generative AI and what it means for their products and services.


The time is now to explore Ai :).


I’m still on the waiting list :frowning: so hoping others will share their experiences.


Hi Bill @WJRyan .
I hope you will be granted access soon. I waited for about one week but I have read about more people being granted access more quickly now esp. since ChatGPT4 has been released. It has already been integrated into Microsoft 365 and the Bing browser.

Ai has skyrocketed in use and in global recognition! It has already been widely adopted by the major tech companies and there is no going back now ! I like the quote by Doc Brown from Back to the Future, “Where we are going, we don’t need roads”. This predictive statement was 37 years ago!

Thank you for your comment and I am looking forward to hearing about your thoughts and use cases that you might share too! :slight_smile:

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