ADDIE Work Flow Integration with Chat GPT

Using Chat GPT- the free version returned the following ADDIE work flow with integration of ChatGPT.

Sure, I’d be happy to help you create an ADDIE workflow for integrating ChatGPT into scenario-based learning experiences. Here’s an example workflow:

  1. Analysis
  • Identify the learning objectives of the scenario-based learning experience and determine how ChatGPT can support these objectives.
  • Analyze the target audience and their existing knowledge and skills, as well as any potential barriers to using ChatGPT.
  • Determine the types of scenarios that will be used and how ChatGPT can be incorporated into these scenarios.
  1. Design
  • Create a storyboard or outline for the scenario-based learning experience, including the use of ChatGPT.
  • Develop the dialogue and responses for ChatGPT based on the scenarios and learning objectives.
  • Determine the platform or tool that will be used to deliver the scenario-based learning experience and integrate ChatGPT into this platform.
  1. Development
  • Create the necessary technology infrastructure for ChatGPT to be integrated into the scenario-based learning experience, such as APIs and integrations.
  • Develop the scenarios, scripts, and ChatGPT responses.
  • Conduct user testing and make adjustments as necessary.
  1. Implementation
  • Deploy the scenario-based learning experience with ChatGPT integrated into the platform.
  • Train users on how to use ChatGPT and provide any necessary support materials or resources.
  1. Evaluation
  • Collect feedback from users on their experience with ChatGPT and the scenario-based learning experience.
  • Analyze the results and make any necessary adjustments to improve the learning experience.
  • Monitor usage of ChatGPT and evaluate its impact on learning outcomes.

Overall, this workflow follows the ADDIE model of instructional design, which includes analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. By following this process, you can ensure that ChatGPT is integrated effectively into scenario-based learning experiences and supports the desired learning outcomes.

Thoughts on using the free or paid version of Chat GPT?

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Love this @Roxann! Something I would like to try is having some extra help in crafting some vlog scripts for me. I have several ideas but the time to focus on researching and then writing a script can crunch my day. As a solopreneur, anything to help me use time efficiently and save some of it is gold!

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Hi Bill @WJRyan ,
Thanks so much and I feel exactly the same. I could have used ChatGPT as an assistant or what Microsoft calls a copilot. Even thought some in the academy feel quite intimidated probably valid reasons, and cautious, this world is not for those who are in analysis paralysis and that ship has already sailed with Ai. I’ve seen assets created with Ai that are incredible and those who are rigorously using Ai have found advantages those who remain in the status quo will just be unfortunately left there. I hope you have gained access by the time you read this to the ChatGPT. I am using the free version, since I pay for Microsoft 365 and a couple limited subscriptions. I’m at my limit for this year.

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Still on wait list but found a fun “how to” manual others might find useful too, ChatGPT for Beginners: Your Quick Guide To Mastering The Tool in 2023 (

I have started experimenting with the updated MS Bing AI, all interesting indeed!

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Resources to share from @EdSurge focused on #ChatGPT in a collection they’ have put together. It also contains links to stories that raise bigger questions about the use of AI in education & in our L&D space we should consider how to leverage this in work. For Education, ChatGPT Holds Promise — and Creates Problems | EdSurge Guides

I have been experimenting with Microsoft’s “Discover” AI that is available thru their Edge browser and it has some neat options so if you’re having problems accessing CGPT go try this tool.

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