Article: Re-Onboarding (from Fast Company Feb 2022)

This interesting article in Fast Company discusses the notion of “re-onboarding” for current employees so they can “become more ingrained in a company’s evolving culture while establishing a mutual understanding of how it is applied to day-to-day operations.”

It’s an important consideration, and I like the idea provided that it’s additive and not distracting. Seeing the known with fresh eyes with the mindset of a beginner is part of this, but also keeping teammates up to date on changes and indeed resetting the culture.

What do you think? Have you considered similar programs for your organization now that we’re emerging from a global pandemic? Is the a better term than “re-Onboarding”? (personally, I dread the term “onboarding” as it sounds like torture.)

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Really like this phrase “seeing the known with fresh eyes” :heart::blush:

I’m reading a book right now titled Deep Purpose and this concept of “re-boarding” tracks perfectly with this.

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