THE LX PRESENTS: "Onboarding: A Virtual Path to Success!" Jan. 19


A structured onboarding program is key to long term success and involves a strategic long-term plan. Join this LX Presents, anchored by William J. Ryan, PhD, principal consultant with Ryan Consulting, LLC, and learn his proprietary model for retention and engagement — and get his free checklist!
Jan. 19, 1pm ET/10am PT
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Love this topic! Good onboarding is critical for the success of the new hire and for their satisfaction with the company. I can’t wait to hear the tips and best practices that come out of this session.


Webinar is this week! Register - we know Bill has a lot of great suggestions!

I registered even though I can’t attend. Hoping you’ll record and make a link available. Many thanks!

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This was a really great session! So many great ideas. Thanks @WJRyan for a fun webinar.

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Thanks for the opportunity and many thanks to all who participated. The ideas shared and conversations we had made it fun and interesting! Look forward to our next speakers so I can join in!

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Is the recording available? Sorry I missed it.

I sent an email today, please let me know if I missed you somehow. - bill

Sent an email today, please let me know if I missed you somehow.

I would love to get my hands on the recording as well! Thanks!

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Glad to share the YouTube link GMT20220119 175856 Recording 1920x1080 - YouTube and always open to a chat too! Enjoy! - bill

Kindest regards,

William J. Ryan, Ph.D.