THE LX PRESENTS: The Future of Corporate Academies with Jeanne Meister

Register for this live, LX Signature Series Event on November 30th featuring Jeanne Meister, Executive Vice President with Executive Networks and the Founder of the Future Workplace Academy.

Jeanne Meister will share insights from research completed by Executive Networks and NovoEd with 515 enterprise learning leaders around the world, and explore how leaders are working to ensure their transformation of the learning function aligns with the most critical business needs.

She will discuss:

  • Why many organizations are turning to capability academies to focus on the skills needed for rapidly changing business priorities
  • Why L&D is becoming a top business priority for CEOs
  • How many leaders are extending the learning audience beyond full-time employees
  • How seamless systems are developing to reach hybrid and remote environments

Come prepared with questions for this conversational, interactive presentation!



Hi Melissa @MelissaFiske ,
I wasn’t able to sign up for the webinar using my gmail account. I used another account but the person couldn’t forward the link. Also, educational work uses gmail accounts which do not seem to accepted for registration. Is it possible to include a link in the LX Community site?

Many thanks!

Hi @Roxann - I just messaged you the link! :slight_smile:

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