Capability Training: How Learning Leaders Are Adapting to Changing Business Priorities

Overview: A recent survey of 515 learning leaders uncovered that learning leaders are leveraging three critical strategies to adapt to changes in the business environment.

  1. Learning leaders are involving executives from other business units in managing, scoping and defining the role of corporate learning.
  2. Learning leaders are investing in seamless systems for delivering all forms of training to hybrid and remote workforces.
  3. Learning leaders are extending their audience beyond full-time employees.

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Do you have examples of how you’ve leveraged these strategies at your organization? Please share!


Great post @MelissaFiske and I hope others wil share lessons learned. I have a proposal in front of a client that includes developing capability academies (2 to trial) following the format Josh Bersin shared ( What Is A Capability Academy? Here’s The Answer. – JOSH BERSIN).

What I see impactful is the focus on the business unit, more than Communities of Practice, these can bring in others, but the focus is centered on the performance of the process team, the operational unit’s needs is driving the learning. Fingers crossed on the project and hopes to learn firsthand (and hoping to glean insights now!)

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