What IS a Capability Academy? [Infographic]

Do you think Capability Academies are the next step in the learning evolution? :thinking:

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Unsure of what Capability Academies are? This infographic created by NovoEd with insights from The Josh Bersin Company is a great overview.

Click the image below to see the full infographic.

Capability Academies

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Hi @MelissaFiske,

  I am admiring the great  Capabilities Academy infographic design!    The immediate take-away I see as key to the learning design profession, is to keep learners first -allowing for mistakes to be acceptable.  This aligns with some risk taking learning experience scenarios, providing space for learners to explore ideas and processes,  providing essential  support and quality feedback,   

Josh Bersin’s model uses the intentional SPACE acronym which distinctly defines the exciting evolution of the next gen learning landscape. :slight_smile: It is an exciting and transformative time in LXD!

  • Allows learners to make mistakes and get substantive feedback to improve; NOT success based solely on completions and test/quiz results

Where I see the growth advantage of the Community of Practice model is in 2 key areas with the first being led by a business leader instead of an L&D person, and the second being focused on the operational need, more specific and targeted than a CoP whose intent is to help all in the same area across the enterprise. I think these academies will be smaller, more focused, and last for the length of time the need exists.


@Roxann Couldn’t agree more with the allowing users to make mistakes part! So important. I’ve never been a great tester so I feel like that’s a soft spot for me :grin:

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