LXD LIVE! Visions vs. Reality - Designing a Blueprint for Success - Feb. 2


“Talking the talk” is one thing. “Walking the walk” is another.
In this webinar, we’ll focus on both talking and walking — as they pertain to LXD, anyway!

Grabbing attention, making an argument, and influencing the audience through a story is helpful not only in work, but also at home and with family. Then, when you’ve got the green light to go forward, you’ll inevitably hit roadblocks. Learn some of the best practices to utilize when pioneering new initiatives:

  • Setting clear goals/milestones for implementation
  • Establishing measurable learning goals
  • Curating vs. creating content to expedite experience development

Come to this webinar if:

  • You want to see how live events blend into the LXD experience
  • You want to interact live with LXD innovators and peers
  • You want to better understand how get initiatives off the ground
  • You want to experience 60 minutes of joy and learning
[Register now!](https://www.novoed.com/resources/webinars/lxd-live-visions-vs-reality-designing-a-blueprint-for-success/)
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