Informational and Educational Resources Differences

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Every Thursday I attend (online), the Future Trends in Technology and Education hosted by Dr. Bryan Alexander, professor at Georgetown University. I’m mentioning this because this week’s post I’m going to introduce one of the forum’s guests, Dr. David Wiley whose article I’ve linked below and also a link to the Future Trends Forum. David has incredible insight on instructional design, and his interests and experiences might be of interest to you. David has vast experience in education , and I’ll point out some of his insights in learning and ID.

David’s Key Thoughts on Resource Differences
I’ve written previously about the difference between informational resources and educational resources. Wikipedia and other encyclopedias are informational resources. Reference materials and technical documentation are informational resources. The overwhelming majority of textbooks are primarily informational resources.

What distinguishes an educational resource from an informational resource is that the latter shows some intentional application of knowledge about how people learn. I have previously argued that the minimum amount of effort you could invest to convert an informational resource into an educational resource was to add practice with feedback.

Meet Dr. David Wiley

I then held tenure-track faculty appointments at Utah State University and Brigham Young University, where I taught courses in instructional design, grant writing, open education, social entrepreneurship, social media in education, and other subjects. As an adjunct, I most recently taught IPT 693, Introduction to Open Education at BYU and MKT 485, Startup Academy at Marshall.


AI, Instructional Design, and OER

Every Thursday 2-3 PM EST

Bryan Alexander’s Future Trends Forum Link

Please feel free to comment, discuss and share your thoughts about resource differences.


Thanks for the share @Roxann & I 've signed up to get notices about future forum sessions, I appreciate the opportunity to listen and learn!!

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Wonderful news! I have only missed two Future Trends Forums since the beginning - 7 years ago. All of these are on YouTube too in case you want to search for a specific topic. I haven’t been a guest star but I have been lucky Bryan has brought me up to the virtual stage to discuss different things over the years. I believe you will like the forum that lives on a platform called Shindig which is something like Zoom but I think a more comfortable virtual environment conducive to social gathering-learning meetings. Hope to see you there soon!

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Not sure I can make the one this week but I’ll see you soon!

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