LX Community Podcast Pilot

Is there interest in piloting an LX Community Podcast?
Poll: Y or N or Maybe
LX Members can bring to the community anything that is useful, interesting, or valuable with respect to the LXD ecosystem.

Simple guidelines:
Use your favorite podcasting application to record your podcast:
Here’s a few to choose from:
Anchor, Podbean, SoundCloud, Veed.io ( video and/or audio) nor whatever you use.

  1. Introduce yourself- 1-2 minutes

  2. Record a 5 minute discussion on a specific topic of your choosing.
    Be clear how it relates to your LXD experiences past, present for future.

Tips: Use an experience you were involved with that impacted how you understand, relate to LXD, and how it influenced you and your experience. You might provide a reflection from the LXD Course you had taken in the past and how it helped you. :slight_smile: You might mention someone in the LXD profession that guided, coached, or even mentored you in any way. Just thoughts to consider.

  1. Post your shared link to your PodCast in this area.

If you have question about PodCasting put it in the comment or message me.

LXD Community podcast

A sample LXD podcast from 2020 with a few recordings. LXD Podcast from 2020