Content Pitch Guidelines - Team up with NovoEd to Produce Engaging L&D Content

The LX was created as a space for learning and development professionals to share content and ideas and engage in thought-provoking conversations. We’ve seen some GREAT topics discussed here in the LX, so moving forward NovoEd wanted to team up with LX members to take topics even further.

If you have an idea or topic that you think would be a great piece of content, i.e. a blog post, a podcast or even a webinar, NovoEd wants to team up with YOU to help you produce it and share it with our audience.

In order to pitch NovoEd on a topic or idea:

  1. Simply start a post here in the LX in the appropriate category
  2. Post your idea in a way that invokes conversation amongst community members
  3. And lastly, make sure you tag @TheLX letting us know this is your content pitch (This can go at the end of your post so it doesn’t distract from your idea - don’t worry, we’ll find it! :smiley:)

After you’ve posted, someone from NovoEd will follow up to discuss your topic further. It’s that easy!

We can’t wait to hear all your ideas and look forward to working with some of you!!!