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Job hunting? Post your resume or LinkedIn URL for hiring managers to browse


Dear hiring managers,

Here’s a link to my account on LI.

Here’s a link to my portfolio.


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Hello LX Community.
As an academic, I have opportunities to professionally develop.
I am interested in VR for learning, metaverse, and other forms of media. Let’s connect.



I’m new to the group. Here is my LinkedIn profile.

I’m interested in searching for roles to advance my skills in LXD, and capitalize on my supervision, administration, operations, project management skills, connecting and networking!


Hello LX Community

I’m looking for new challenges.
Here’s my LinkedIn



Hello, my comrades!

I am looking to transition from the classroom (secondary English) into the corporate LXD space. I am a hard worker, quick learner, and always open to new ideas and experiences.
Here I am on LinkedIn!

Hey folks! Here’s a link to my LinkedIn. I’m working on my portfolio, but here’s a branching scenario I just created. Would love feedback. Here’s the link - Branchtrack.

Hey everyone,

I am actually looking for a Sales and Product Trainer.
Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn for more details.


Hi Everyone,

I’m interested in L&D.

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Hello all!

Looking for growth opportunities & challenges. Let’s connect!

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Hi, everyone! Nice to meet all of you. I teach English as a foreign language at a university in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and am half-way through a master’s of education in instructional design.

LinkedIn, portfolio, etc.


Hi, I’m always interested in connections and opportunities.


I am so excited to be a part of the LX Community. Let’s Connect

Dear Hiring Managers,

My name is Sandra and I am currently job hunting.

I am interested in the Tech space as well as HR, CSR, L&D and Project management. I am open to other spaces that may align with my interests. Finally, I am open to relocating and in working remotely.

Here’s the link to my LinkedIn profile:

I am open to sharing my CV with you if interested. I can be readily reached at

Thank you for your time!

Looking for full time/part time/contract L&D positions in SF Bay area, open to remote work. Authorized to work for any employer.

Looking for full time/part time/contract L&D positions in SF Bay area, open to remote work. Authorized to work for any employer.

I sent a connection request. It’s a pleasure meeting you.

My name is Sandra and I’m looking for a full time/part time/contract L&D, HR and Consulting positions. I am very open to remote work.

Thank you.

Hello hiring managers and fellow LX community members!

Here’s my linkedIn profile link: