Teach for Nigeria Congregation

Hello TFN Coaches, kindly gather here!

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Yes am available for this group. Please give a lead how we can further connect to share ideas

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I am also available.

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Thank you so much, Enock. I will revert this Saturday.

Super thanks, Gopius.

Awesome Day tribe, how is the learning experience coming along? :blush:
Can we start with some introductions and share our expectations?

I will go first; I am Jemima, a Coach with Teach for Nigeria with the special opportunity of providing training support( among others) for 24 teacher leaders who are expected to be change agents for their communities.

One of my expectations is to effectively BELONG & CONTRIBUTE to a community of like minds who are also looking at facilitating trainings that become EXPERIENCES.

I am also in this community to CONNECT, meet people, keep learning and unlearning.