Going out there!

I hope this message finds you all well. I am seeking your valuable tips and insights on an exciting venture I am embarking on: offering Executive Education University courses internationally and expanding beyond the local market to the region and maybe internationally. I believe many of you have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area, and I would greatly appreciate your guidance.

Specifically, I seek tips and advice on effectively designing and adapting the developed course materials for an international audience. What strategies should I consider to ensure the content resonates with learners from different cultural backgrounds? How can I make the material inclusive and relevant to a global audience?

Furthermore, I am curious to learn about the preferred course formats and instructions that have proven successful for international learners. Are there specific formats or delivery methods that have worked well for you in engaging learners from diverse backgrounds? Any practical tips on creating a welcoming and inclusive learning environment would be highly appreciated.


My advice is for you to constitute a panel of experts to test your offering across potential learner demographics worldwide; using the PDCA cycle…


Interesting project @NaglaaHassan and I would echo @Adeshola suggestion to pilot/beta test perhaps by offering 1-2 small “complimentary” courses with the expectation up front that they provide feedback and insights of their experience.

In terms of the course materials and formats, what I have found with global participants is if the value proposition is clear and they want to obtain that skill/knowledge, the person will also adapt. Intrinsic values matter so make the goals and objectives clear, we all like to know WIIFM!

I did find that cohorts regionally grouped were liked especially utilizing a blended delivery format. This allowed peer-2-peer connections to be built in more convenient time slices (the facilitators have to be up at weird hours, but the groups were in their more traditional hours and that was a plus). In one course I utilized a discussion board where all had to contribute, a part of the rubric was to build on others thoughts more than react so in this manner we crossed time zones with construction of concepts within the broader class cohort. I would suggest making sure the materials translate accurately, a meaning in one language might not be the same in another so invest in a qualified review to ensure accuracy and cultural/language clarity and respect.

Last thought is to celebrate regional events with all. One example is a class with participants from the US, Japan, Philippines, and India and there was a major holiday taking place in India that the organizers had no idea about when they planned the live sessions. On the fly, we turned the class into a celebration and shared in the fireworks outside as a couple of folks took their laptops outside and everyone learned some new customs and class ended early too - get the religious and national calendar’s out once you know where the enrolled participants are from and build into the schedule some flexibility.


Hi @NaglaaHassan
I’m echoing @Adesola and @WJRyan suggestions.
In brief, I found a free AI course generator resource that might be of interest to you.
Using AI might be helpful in generating a quick mini course you can potentially use as a pilot to receive feedback and maybe even as resource guide as well.
Using ChatGPT you can customize prompts that might be helpful suggesting solutions to plan for translation suggestions too.

As AI is new for all of us, it is worth noting to keep in mind reported biases.


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I would offer one other suggestion, start the expansion of your market slowly and to plan your expansion strategically.

This will allow you to increase the probability that your content resonates with the target population, that you are sensitive to any cultural or language nuances and can tailor the content and delivery methodology to that specific region.

Good luck with this endeavor. I look forward to hearing more about your success.

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