Workplace Learning catalog review request

Greetings all,

I am seeking feedback, insights, reactions to a project I’ve developed. Over the last couple of years, I have received requests from people looking for ideas on methods and approaches to learning and I found my responses tended to fall into seven categories (on-the-job training, instructor-led training, collaboration and knowledge sharing, self-directed learning, experiential learning, assessment and application, and supplementary resources).

I would explain but most folks also wanted an example so over the holidays I decided to learn a new tool within my authoring platform and create a little “catalog” that had several specific examples within the 7 primary categories knowing there was some overlaps. And for each example within I found links to templates, examples, etc. that were free and available.

In full transparency, I plan to use this as a give-away on my website and something I send out as a link on the various social media channels as a marketing tool but before I do, I thought this community would have ideas and insights on topics I might have missed and suggestions on additional free shares (they can be yours, I’m open-minded!) with links that might be of value to others.

Again, no intention on “selling” but full disclosure - marketing “me” is the plan! if you want to contact me directly, email is in the catalog (link below) and in advance I thank you for your thoughts and ideas. - bill

Note: Not sure why the url adds in the words “Create courses…” - this is just to the catalog built.

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Going to tag this again in hopes of gaining insights and feedback from the community. - bill

Hello Ryan👋!
It’s me again, Hamid.
I have used my smart phone to navigate through the catalog, it seems great idea :+1:. I love the way learning categories were explained in small and concise paragraph. I think :thinking: you might join on the job OJT learning and training in a one category. I have mentioned that you have used supplementary ressources, I am not sure about it, but it can be a topic for each category for those who want get more.
You could also make interactive webpage to gather insights or analytics.
Last thing, I suggest using slides moves, to select moving to the next or to the catalog, instead of going forward :fast_forward: to get the homepage :house: or main page.
I hope this will help you.
Still waiting to see you soon :blush:.

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Wonderful feedback @Hamid, many thanks for sharing your insights. I appreciate your time and am grateful for the ideas provided. - bill

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You are welcome @WJRyan . Good luck with your project, I wish you all the success.

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