Incorporating AI in Designing Engaging Learning Experiences

Hello LX Community Members!
The end of November is already here. Maybe you have heard the phrase time is flying by, and it seems that way right now to me. It’s hard to imagine that it has been almost one year since I first posted about AI. !!! I have to link that here! If you can add that link into this, post I welcome you to do that. :slight_smile:
Almost a year ago, not many of us had an idea of what AI was in terms of something called ChatGPT, and even less of it’s potential for the learning design profession.

          So I will be bold and ask, are we more attuned to what it is now and  if/when/ and how important it is for us?  That is a question for you to think about, and I'm doing the same.   I am barraged by many AI opportunities, some free, some not.  Most of us have hear or use AI  in some form, as it has taken over almost all major browsers and has integrations in many major software applications (Microsoft to name one).  
            So right now, my attention is still defaulting to the free ChatGPT,  which  is what I started with last year. I'm curious how you are using LLM, ChatGPT, whatever in AI is piquing your attention and interest.
             This post below discusses, "Incorporating AI into self-paced learning... is about striking the right balance. In the Stanford and MIT study referenced here, Stanford and MIT study: A.I. boosted worker productivity by 14%, worker productivity saw a significant boost thanks to AI integration.

LINK Stanford University

              What are your experiences with AI integration?