Preparing for Robots in Learning Environments

Happy April 1st to all LX Community Members!

       As we are now in early Spring season here in New England USA, the greening is happening all around us!  Spring fever is a common phrase, but even though signs of spring are sprouting up, it's in reality, still a bit chilly here.  To speak of change,  AI has and is transforming learning environments in numerous ways. In this post, I am referencing Dr. Brent Anders, who I have also commented on before as a fantastic resource as he lives in Armenia, and is Director of Teaching and Learning and has high interest in AI literacy in the education as well as work place environments.
        I will link to his YouTube Video- these are brief and worth watching IMHO.

In this session, he discusses robots emerging as possible AI assistants in teaching and learning environments.
What are your thoughts as AI robots as business assistants in whatever capacity you can imagine or have currently seen or in development?


"The more I think about AI robots in the classroom, the more cool possibilities emerge: the robot could participate in all sorts of role-play simulations to help students understand different concepts, the robot could allow students to ask it to explain class topics in different ways and at different levels without worrying what the instructor might think, the robot could work with small groups and simply play a gameshow where all the questions are about the course topic, the robot could provide explain what the instructor is saying but use sign language to increase accessibility. There are ethical things to consider as well: is it OK to humanize and become attached to the robot? Will this help with overall and long-term learning? I am in favor of using AI robots to help instructors and improve teacher: student ratios, but this could lead to robots replacing some instructors?