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Hello LX Community Members!
Welcoming December and the forthcoming winter months here in Connecticut USA, is always a challenge not knowing as the unpredictability of weather conditions exists almost daily here. Mark Twain’s quote, “If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” is one that is truthful.
On that note, I’m re-introducing Brent Anders PHD, as an expert that I met on social last year, I think it was X (Twitter), and who I continue to follow on LinkedIn etc. He holds an esteemed position in Amenia at the University of America in Amenia, and has delved deeply and written a book on AI literacy, which I highly recommend.

      In the link below he reviews a year of AI and addresses AI as an infant now growing into toddler years. His YouTube videos IMO are well worth your time and not too long.  He provides valuable resources on the most recent developments in  AI that are both applicable to education and business /industry.

       I am grateful that he steers away from discussing, at this point, political bias, and most of the time clearly defines AI in as neutral way as possible, that I have seen so far...

With that here’s the link and please leave comments and/resources anything that you would like to contribute that can evoke discussion.

BIO: Brent A. Anders PhD.
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Created by Brent A. Anders, PhD.


Keynote at the OEB conference in Berlin, Germany