Top 10 AI Tools April 2023

Hello to all LX Community members!

I am unofficially designating April to be AI month for sharing resources, ideas, tips, and most of all your discussions on how our profession will expand by using AI as a tool for teaching and learning.

I’ll start off with a person that I follow on Twitter who provides a monthly breakdown of AI tools he has tried out. His name is Rowan Cheung, Follow him for the latest on AI developments.

April 19, 2023

Rowan Cheung

I test hundreds of AI tools and report the best ones- so you don’t have to. The top 10 most useful AI tools of the week (all new):

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Great idea @Roxann and allow me to add My Curated List of AI and Machine Learning Resources from Around the Web | by Robbie Allen | Machine Learning in Practice | Medium to your list. I’ve found it fairly comprehensive across the tools and platforms.

5/12/23. Here’s another curated list of handy platforms to look at, 10 Best AI Tools to Master Social Media Trends Beyond ChatGPT ( Learn on!!

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Hi Bill @WJRyan ,
Thanks for adding your resource! It has a fantastic categories of resources to choose from! Do you mind recommending a few people who you follow on Twitter? Lately it has been quite impossible to keep up with all the variations of ChatGPT. I’m very interested in a AI resource that generates images and the creates AI music for the image. I’ve tried a few but nothing impressive yet.


Haven’t forgotten @Roxann , life has been getting in my way lately but I wanted to share the following resources 100+ ChatGPT prompts for creators: Speed up your workflow with AI | Descript.
What intrigues me is the connection to the kind of language instructional design uses to describe goals and objectives. The skill we need to hone is the ability to ask the right question the right way and then be capable of evaluating the responses critically.

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I know you said April @Roxann but I like the list and here’s another to add! Top 9 Generative AI Applications and Tools | eWeek

And another, sharing this article from the Washington Post “A curious person’s guide to artificial intelligence” as it helps clarify some of the terms & processes #AI uses. Let’s learn on together!