Seeking reviewers & comments - hybrid course on leadership

I’m seeking 3-4 folks to provide feedback on a blended online course, 10 Tips to Boost Your Leadership Potential and Influence.

The prompt to build is based on several conversations I’ve had over the last few months around new leader development that supported the personal skills needed to lead people. Many of these were new L&D leaders and that led to the creation of the online catalog I shared earlier. When I suggested training for new supervisors many shared that they didn’t have enough people in their organization for a “class”, their need was more for a 1:1 and from this I thought, how about a short, blended course focused on the behaviors most new leaders should be centered on combined with four 1:1 coaching conversation’s.

The content menu is outlined in the graphic and while I think this is a 3-week experience for an individual, I certainly don’t imagine anyone here taking more than an hour to look and gather reflections. My key question is if you think this is worth selling and pitching? If not, at least I had an opportunity to build something and that was fun too.

If interested, please reach out to me directly and I will enroll you in the course, it is on my lms and in advance I thank you for your time and willingness to consider this request. - bill

Hello @WJRyan I’m interested in reviewing the course

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