The Great Workplace Disconnect (and How to Solve It)

NovoEd is excited to announce the launch of our new ebook and research project, “The Great Workplace Disconnect”!

NovoEd surveyed 500 US full-time employees across senior management, middle management, and individual contributors and asked them about their feelings of connectedness and alignment in the workplace and how work is evolving to become more cross-functional and collaborative.

We’re experiencing “The Great Convergence” in our economy, with job functions and whole industries coming together differently but experiencing “The Great Disconnect” in our workplaces. Social and collaborative learning is the answer!

Some ebook highlights:

  • Pre-pandemic: skill gaps, demographic changes, macroeconomic shifts brought connectedness to the forefront of work (job functions and roles and entire industries changing)
  • Pandemic has eroded workplace connections, making organizational alignment a more critical differentiator than ever before
  • The great divide: many employees have lost their connection to the organization and its goals
  • When it comes to connectedness, managers and individual contributors have fallen behind
  • Remote work itself is not the problem and paves the way for a more inclusive workplace
  • The workforce needs a reboot on L&D and a focus on deep capabilities that align each learner to their peers and the business

GRAB YOUR COPY HERE and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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