The Top 10 Takeaways from NovoEd’s Book Club LIVE So Far!

We know intuitively that we can leverage human connection to drive learning and business outcomes in today’s volatile and often isolated workplace…but how can we bridge the gap between this abstract process and the measurable results that we want for ourselves and our organizations?

Authors and business leaders Rishad Tobaccowala, Mario Moussa, Michele Zanini, Adam Morgan and Janine Kurnoff joined NovoEd’s Book Club LIVE this March and April and shared insights from their books and stories from their extraordinary careers to help answer this question.

We discussed a wide range of topics that included best practices for storytelling in online environments, how companies that embrace creativity outperform peers and competitors, what it means to be culturally virtuosic, how to imbue collaborations at work with energy and empathy and how to create a culture of innovation in times of nonstop transformation. The thread running through it all was the importance of alignment between learners and their peers and learners and the business.

Click here to read our top 10 takeaways from this season’s Book Club LIVE sessions to date…

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