AI Intro Music Demo

Hello LX Community Members!

    This post will introduce you to one AI audio demo.

    After years of listening to commercials on network TV, I made a conscious decision last year to just listen and not watch the same commercial for about one week.  I will reveal it at the end of this post.

What I realized was my attention was drawn to an instrumental piece that was familiar, yet different in a few ways. The audio had a different vocalist, the music was transposed into more of an ethereal type of futuristic composition and there were interesting sound effects innovatively embedded too.

( My experiment was listening to just the audio from a Lincoln Car Commercial.

     With that in mind, for fun, I experimented with royalty free music from and composed an intro for our LX Community.

I invite you to vote on Only the AI audio. I cannot upload just an audio file, that is why I had to create a video file. If you can, close your eyes and just listen to the audio.

This is just a fun demo piece. DEMO LX LINK

BeanOven.Ai Link

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  • No
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LX Intro 2023

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okay, I love this @Roxann and your creativity is A-mazing! I voted for try again for 2 reasons, first I want to see/hear what else you will create and second, I think we need something with a jazzier backbeat! :slight_smile:

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Hi BIll @WJRyan,
I appreciate your listening and especially your request for another audio track. I’m linking a new LX Community Intro track that hopefully you find more appealing with a jazzier tempo.
There is no choice for jazz… and I would have been thrilled to try to compose new tracks! I hope in the future there will be this addition!

                     In the meantime, see how you like this new one!

LINK LX Community Intro 2

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Has a Celtic flair to my ear and I like this one @Roxann! I can visualize the hop, 2,3 steps coming and to my Irish eyes a joy indeed to hear! :slight_smile:

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