Using Ai to Make Your Audio Content Accessible

With the lightning speed of generative Ai like Chat GPT, there are even more Ai resources for helping learning designers make content quickly and accessible. Using text to speech Ai Generation tools like Clip Champ by Microsoft.


It is a newer video -audio type of editor now with enhanced Ai integration in the Audio capture section.

I’ll focus on the accessibility features.

1.You can record your own audio, or create an audio file using a voice of your choice- including Ai generated voices. There are voice options as well for example like the pitch of the voice, and a few more options.

  1. You can turn on captioning (CC).

  2. You can download the .SRT file for accessibility inclusion.




Amazed at the speed of the deliverable and the quality of the tonality - great share @Roxann thanks! - bill

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This is amazing. The option of refining is helpful for creating a comfortable and clear speech.

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