Are you considering becoming a certified professional?

Are you considering becoming a Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) or an Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD)? Professional certifications are powerful ways to supercharge your skillset.

Achieving certification is a workout - if you need support, consider joining a study group.

Based on the Association for Talent Development (ATD) capability model, the CPTD and APTD are esteemed credentials provided to talent development professionals who successfully complete the requirements.

The preparation is an intense process that takes several months and has many benefits:

Build and validate your skills

  • Differentiate you in a competitive market
  • Broaden your career opportunities

Having a support system during your preparation can be extremely beneficial for your success. The Golden Gate Chapter partners with several other chapters to offer a virtual study group to support both the CPTD and the APTD.

This free information session will give you an overview of the virtual study group and what you can expect. This study group is designed for talent development professionals who are pursuing the CPTD (formerly CPLP) or APTD designation.

Questions? Contact @JennyN for more details.


Hello AnnieM,

I am considering and interested to get this certification.

I would be happy to be joining such study group.

let me know how i can register for the same.


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The link to the free, information session is here, @UG2021. I don’t know much more about the exam than this (fee, study time expected, etc.) but the Golden Gate ATD group is legit.

@AnnieM Thank you for this! I am sitting for the CPTD exam in August and need to get to studying asap.

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I’m glad it’s of interest, @lxd-doula. When you have a moment, and if you’re inclined, please share with the LX community what motivated your decision to sit for the exam and any standout moments of the preparation. I’ve heard it’s an arduous but worthwhile endeavor!

Sure! I am what you call an “accidental LXD”. I did not study adult learning or instructional design in school per se. But because of my previous “winding journey” to this field, I have a lot of self-acquired knowledge. I wanted a more structured learning path, but not a Master’s degree. I started a grad program a few years ago and decided not to finish because it’s wasn’t geared towards corporate professionals (even though it was touted as that). I view a CPTD as an equivalent on my own career path. I’m not discounting the awesome work that people do in a Master’s program, I just decided it wasn’t worth the financial impact to my family’s budget.

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Oh! Certainly understand about family budget issues, and admire the life-long learning approach.
Given your self-described “winding journey”, you’ll appreciate an upcoming podcast series that NovoEd is hosting on this very topic. Keep your eye on this space for details from my colleague, @alexgruhin

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