Introduce yourself!

I might just do it :slight_smile: Thank you for suggesting!

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Hello! I’m Alison, I’m from the UK but live in Barcelona, Spain. I’m a freelance writer, specializing in content for learning purposes, from e-learning modules to explainer videos. I’m bringing UX writing principles to LX! Find me on LinkedIn.

A topic about which I am most passionate and endlessly learning?
The amazingness of (non-human) life on Earth :herb: (and the amazingness and wisdom of the human body).

Check out the topic of Biomimicry, it’s super cool.This year has been really transformational for me in seeing how the underlying assumptions of our culture and the systems we’ve created over the past few hundred years have caused ecological damage, and I’m still learning what my role can be in bringing about the social changes we need. Just little inconsequential stuff like that :wink:

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Hi Everyone! Today is our third session of the training program about Values Based Project Design. We are going to review how to define your development model and learning approach to a project design, Remember that your participation in the training program will give you a badge from NovoEd in the community platform and a participation diploma from Fundación Cecilia A. C. and Núcleo Cero S. C.

This training program is totally in Spanish. We hope to see you all connected at 6:00 p.m. Mexico City Time


Also I share with you the season 1 summary.

Todo proyecto social, para definirse a sí mismo como tal, tiene que entenderse como un acto de redistribución de la riqueza y reivindicación del papel de ciertas poblaciones en la historia …
Go to this Sway

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Welcome @AlisonBCN ! Based off of the topics you’re most interested in, I thought you might enjoy a post @Roxann recently shared - Biophilic Offices: More Productive office environments and Higher Levels of Well Being Glad to have you here!