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Welcome, @Barbs ! Have you read any good articles recently on blending content for learners? I’d love to share it with the group as this is a topic that comes up a lot.

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Hello there! I am excited to join this community.

I am Daniel Orivweruvwe and I work as a Coach (Leadership and Development) at Teach For Nigeria. In this position, I directly support twenty-three amazing young professionals who are bridging the education inequity gap by teaching students and leading impact in low-income schools. I also function in the Curriculum Team which is responsible for providing support for the training and leadership of the 600+ Fellows.



Hi, my name is Remeka (ReeMeeku) Turk, I am excited to learn from this community. I develop learning programs for adults and youth. I also teach technical concepts to adult learners. I’ve been in this business for 20 years. It is always exciting to learn new things.

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Hi all,

my Name is Marjana Adomeit and I am a Learning Technology Manager with Intuitive Surgical. Here you can find my Linkedin Profile.

I am passionate about building Learning Landscapes and find the right set up of a Learning Experience for our Employees.

I am looking forward to connect with you.


I am Aparajita Sen, working full-time as an Instructional Designer at Motherson Technology Services with a relevant 1.5 years of experience in Corporate Learning and Development. Before transitioning into ID, I had 5.5 years of full-time experience in Copywriting, SEO Content Writing, Blogging, K-12 course development, and brief High-Ed academic writing.

You can also check my LinkedIn Profile.

And, I am eager to learn more about the opportunities, potential and best practices in LXD.


Welcome @MsSpock! I imagine you’ve seen quite a few changes over the past 20 years. Looking forward to learning more about your experiences! What would you say some of the biggest differences are between learning programs for adults vs youth?

Hi Melissa,
Nice to connect with you. As far as the differences, hmm. I would say definitely go more experiential with youth. Adults require a degree of experiential learning as well, but youth are used to being lectured to and need the fun, engagement that experitial learning brings to the table. We develop to prevent telling them almost anything. Even the results of their personality assessments are gamified in a way.

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Love that. I feel like gamification and how it intersects L&D in general would be a great topic to get some good discussion going around. Any good conversation starters you can think of around this topic? It would be great to post in the L&D channel!

Hey All! My name is Kara Clark and was a customer of NovoEd. I spent the last 22 years working for Motorola Solutions in our Worldwide Sales Enablement organization designing and building new hire programs, employee development programs, and sales leadership programs for our North America sellers. In 2021 we utilized NovoEd to deliver these programs with great success! So much so that I was presented with the challenge of scaling our programs globally. As you may have figured out, NovoEd made the scaling process so incredibly easy. Thanks to NovoEd for an amazing product!

Now I’m looking for the next challenge of my career and am excited to see what lies ahead.

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Welcome, @karaclark! Thanks for sharing your experience- that’s wonderful to hear! What were some of your favorite NovoEd features?