LX Thought Partners Saying Goodbye to Summer 2023, and Hello to Fall 2023

Hello LX Community Members!
As the final weeks of summer approach, many of us are ,most likely, eagerly looking forward to cooler temperatures, during the next season ahead of us, autumn, or fall, softly gazing back at all of our accomplishments over summer season too. This time is a wonderful chance for review and reflection that can be meaningful for us in designing our future learning experiences too.

In looking ahead, what are your top topics of interest for the remainder of 2023 in learning/instructional learning and design or maybe in other areas that are related?

In one of my previous positions at NERCOMP, these current topics were posted as of high interest in going forward.

  • Motivation, Staff and Team Development
  • Hyflex Teaching
  • Sustainability in Technology
  • Video-based Learning
  • Addressing Burnout

Do you have any more to add? Please, as always feel free to add comments or suggestions.

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