Predictions for 2022

I always look forward to New Year’s predictions. Top analyst Josh Bersin’s annual article is here:

Of course everything is always “about to change.” What are your thoughts, especially about the following?

  1. Does L&D finally have a seat at the business table? Brandon Carson, CLO of Walmart says it’s “single source of capability for an enterprise.”

  2. Is experiential learning finally taking off? On one hand I see really cool technologies at all these learning conferences. On the other, the world seems old school and even the conferences about cool technologies rely on standard modes of communicating, gathering people and distribution information, let alone driving people to interact with it.

  3. Do we have a skills explosion? If so, are we ready to move beyond it? Upskilling and reskilling are a big thing, skills taxonomies another big thing. And with all that, mapping the skills to content libraries and tagging it all with incredible granularity. My first job in edtech was essentially tagging and taxonomies endlessly (making a map of the world’s knowledge and tagging questions and content to it).

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Great article @ChristinaYu, thank you for sharing. We’re excited to hear what others think. And personally yes, I think there is a skills explosion happening.