The Importance of Collaboration between LX and UX

To begin, sometimes viewing the summary, discussion or even a conclusion, helps clarify the overarching intent of a research article , like the one I have linked below, Integrating Learner and User Experience Design: A Bidirectional Approach", by Rebecca M. Quintana, Stephanie R. Haley, Nathan Magyar, & Yuanru Tan

Just skim over the article- it is quite long, and see if you notice anything that resonates with you.
Comments are always welcomed. There is a very accessible audio file too.

In summary, we offer the following guiding principles for LX/UX collaborations:

  1. LXDs should clearly articulate learning objectives and scaffolding needs for learners surrounding an educational technology tool prior to design.
  2. Both LXDs and UXDs should develop a shared foundational understanding of learner-centered and user-centered design.
  3. UXDs should communicate goals and advantages of using any particular UX tool or methodology in the learning design process.
  4. LXDs should provide opportunities for reflection within the instructional design process when incorporating new UX approaches.