How Should Things Look and/Sound when Designing Learning Experiences?

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My post for November is finally here! Sorry this has been late as I’ve been writing my Relaxation and Stress Reduction Course Sessions that will begin this month and into the next year. NOVO Ed’s sessions Learning Experience Design and the new course Learning Experience Impact, both significantly enhanced my knowledge and influenced how I design more effectively, n an incredibly positive way, and my course re-design this year is almost complete for the remainder of this year. I’ve included a gamification aspect too! I’m grateful! @Novoed professionals!!! AND to all of you in the LX Community!!!

This post’s focus is on visual perception with a follow up research link exploring the importance of taking a look at this when designing learning experiences.

"The visual perception is not a passive process: in order to efficiently process visual input, the brain actively uses previous knowledge (e.g., memory) and expectations about what the world should look like. However, perception is not only influenced by previous knowledge.
Especially the perception of emotional stimuli is influenced by the emotional state of the observer.
In other words, how we perceive the world does not only depend on what we know of the world, but also by how we feel. In this study, we further investigated the relation between mood and perception

Summarizing, our visual representation of the world around us is not only affected by what we think or what we believe. How we feel has a profound impact on the ‘picture in our mind’ as well.


MUSIC alters visual perception.

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I would take “note” of your post @Roxann with the alignment of context within the content being presented/shared with the community being targeted is a key activity to make learning “stick”. The previous knowledge you refer to is key to helping people be open to the new material I have found especially when coupled with a clear value proposition (aka "WIIFM).

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