Learner-Centered Design: How To Make Learning Fun And Easy

Hello LX Community members!

     Think for a few minutes about the following question. When was the last time you felt learning was fun and or easy?  As I explore AI, I am having fun with AI,  and I'll admit at times I do find some frustration by occasional AI prompt results, but overall, I am excited and will continue to experiment with various AI LLM's. In my last post I explored AI music generators, and linked to one Royalty Free resource.  In case you want to look into that further. [LINK](https://lxcommunity.novoed.com/t/ai-intro-music-demo/1839/4)

    In this post I will link to an article that is a quick read for you to rediscover or reimagine why designing a learner centric experience can include elements of fun and ease.

“Ease and fun might seem low on the list of learning priorities, but by delivering on them (and the learner) first, you’ll find that your training programs become more meaningful and positive—no matter the content.”


As always your awesome comments, thoughts, ideas, and shares are welcomed here :).

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