The Opening Poem from L&D Campfire

This afternoon we gather here to spark imagination,
‘Round learning that is social and fueled by collaboration,
A half-day’s exploration of new tools, research and science,
We’ll look to learning’s future, which is ‘bout more than compliance.

At NovoEd we do believe the future’s cohort-based,
Investments in mere upskilling are dollars mere displaced.
So how do you glean highlights from a blazing hot campfire?
I’ll break down today’s agenda, built to engage and inspire.

We’ll kick off the experience with a cracking breakout room,
Where you’ll meet some fellow leaders that are also here on Zoom,
Then we’ll come back together for a talk ‘bout which I’m zealous,
How to make your training better with The Capital Group’s Sheldon Ellis.

We’ll then embark on Drew’s gallery walk through award-winning use cases,
And share how cohort-learning is transforming vast workplaces.
But wait – there’s even more – now just you wait – hold your applause,
Next up – the road ahead with product’s Mike Straus and Farnaz!

And they’re be introduced by our CMO Christina,
And once they’re done we’ll hear a keynote from Greg Pryor and Michael Arena.
Who’ll talk about how social learning can spark innovation,
After which it will be time for a virtual ovation,
A final commemoration of a genuine occasion,
When we passionately recognize our brilliant vocation,
To make brilliance emerge across your organization,
And so it is my honor to exclaim with great elation,
The campfire is lit, let’s begin the celebration.