Biophilic Offices: More Productive office environments and Higher Levels of Well Being

A quick review of biophilia and how learning environment designs can positively influence work place productivity and wellbeing.

A study by commercial flooring manufacturer, Interface, [The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace]
(۪, found that workers in offices that contained natural elements such as greenery and sunshine are six per cent more likely to be productive and report a 15 per cent higher level of wellbeing. They are also 15 per cent more creative than other workplace and office workers.



Biophilia and the importance of the human relationship with nature and how we can integrate this into the work space.

“Humans can’t help but be connected to nature. Biophilia considers our relationship with nature and how we can bring that into our work space. Beyond plants, our people consider the quality of air and natural light to enhance wellbeing and productivity.”


Biophilic Offices: Landscape and the Working Environment