NOT the Work Place- But Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Highly Related to Having Effective Leaders

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        Before closing the door to 2023, here's an interesting Gallup poll  (link below), on why having effective leader/management can lead to more employee engagement and wellbeing regardless of where an employee works... remote, hybrid or fully on the premises.

“The best thing leaders have done has been to listen to employee expectations and match them to organizational needs. This is good, but it’s not yet great (for many organizations). What leaders need to do now is lean even further into listening – because there’s only one workplace future that works, and it’s the future we build together.”

“Gallup finds that having an effective manager is four times more important to team members’ engagement and wellbeing than where an employee works (i.e., fully remote, hybrid or fully on-site).”


Wellbeing LInk

Bonus: Thought Discussion Question?
Will the future of VR Work be better in 2024?

Open for discussion :).

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Great shares @Roxann. I’ve been a member of remote and hybrid teams; I’ve led both kinds of teams with the most interesting being a fully blended group with teams at 5 remote centers who chose to work fully in-person and/or in a hybrid mode and ~12 fully remote W@H teammates. The organization used Gallup’s Q12 Engagement tool and I found creating task teams that included a mix of people from across our team to create solutions based on the Q12 scores and implementing their revised processes a key to our teams overall scores and productivity. Asking why, listening, and then following their ideas was key but… having experienced what it was like to be “away” and ignored on calls, meeting notices, and company info I knew what it felt like. I also knew a key benefit to hybrid/remote was the flexibility in my life so I focused on leading with intention and compassion and planning with clear, and multiple, communication channels.

AS for VR, I think it’s working fine so might the question be, will VR become more mainstream in 2024? I don’t think, still expensive, development time is still extended, and it doesn’t fit into the flow of work easily, much too cumbersome IMHO.

If I had some spare money hanging around, I would invest in augmentive tech. There is a new tool coming out (sorry - mind blank on name) that you can wear like a lapel pin that will help you identify who you’re talking to, add information to the route you’re on from history to culinary, and provide other data points in your life flow. NextGen Google Glass is where I see the next steps being taken where it is eaily handled, carried, and accessible on-demand even faster than our smart phones. Alas, the spare change I do have isn’t needed so for now I’ll just have to call this as one of my trends2024 allowing me to say “told you so” when others become zillionaire’s! :slight_smile:

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Hi Bill @WJRyan ,
I’m continuously impressed with the business culture’s outlook on learning as it has reached many edges of differentiated learning environments for sure with increasing R&D in Gallup Q types of survey engagement tools and et all. types of behavioral instruments etc. In education, where I lived most of my professional life, rarely, if ever looked these instruments as having more than a situational/H.R. intentional purpose. I continue to learn more from you and found research, while it may be typical for those outside of higher ed to use these purposefully, I’m consider myself a life long learner in incorporating tools that enhance growth and development in the learning experiences areas we post/comment on. Thank you Bill!!!

Now onto more fun stuff for 2024 in VR
I’ve heard rumors this Apple Vision Pro Device is over $3500.00 ! That is a high price tag for sure!
My first foray into VR was right before the pandemic hit. I physically went out to Big Buy, bought the Oculus Rift-S VR Headset for $1500.00. It was at that time one of the best VR headsets… Totally unaffordable too. I put it on plastic and headed over to purchase a laptop that had a graphics card that would work with this device. The Big Buy Experts sold me the wrong computer for over $2300.00 and I had to promptly return the useless laptop. I then investigated my old university resource site DELL for repurposed/used laptop. I luckily found an Alien Laptop- BTW, Windows 10 with all the ports and graphics card for a PT of $1500.00. This was the best laptop I’ve ever owned and I still use this today with VR. To make this story shorter… most of my VR colleagues use Metta and few own expensive VR devices… we all ended the year in a winter Solstice VR session in Engage VR a few days ago. My 3 year old device still works yet it is aging and I probably need a newer laptop -eventually with Windows 11 for any tethered VR device( I usually don’t use WIFI ).

Here’s a peak at this consumer VR device and I’m hoping there will be less expensive versions soon as most of the working world cannot afford at this time. This again presents equity issues etc. but I’m saving that maybe for another topic/post.

Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s first 3D camera. You can capture magical spatial photos and spatial videos in 3D, then relive those cherished moments like never before with immersive Spatial Audio. Your existing library of photos and videos looks incredible at remarkable scale. And panoramas wrap around you — making you feel like you’re standing right where you took them. You can also take spatial videos with iPhone 15 Pro, then view them on

Apple Vision Pro.

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Sorry this has taken me so long to respond @Roxann , family & fun took over! And your journey sounds like it might be filled with new experiences in fun this new year, I can’t wait to hear how your tools finally work together and what you find.

Because of your buying process, this is why I still think VR is a trend coming but not here yet. I see more augmented objects coming into the workflow along with personal use with glasses and wearable devices that assist the individual in their day-to-day experiences. The blur is coming, once we had media devices sperate from the computer platforms, now they all fit in our hands so I think we will see the tech get smaller and convenient for the user rather than an exception to the normal pace of the day.

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HI Bill @WJRyan,
Thanks for your comments! I’m now reading up on Gartner’s 2024 trends. I’m believing
Gartner will identify AI as one major areas taking up a good portion of people’s attentional space in 2024.
Gartner Link 2024
May we both have fun and exciting journeys in 2024 and that includes the including all LX Community Members! :slight_smile:

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I’m most interested in the augmented connected workforce noted in the Gartner report (thanks for the share @Roxann!), as I’ve espoused before I think AR tools will move into the mainstream faster than VR tools. I also see opportunities in our LXD community to design the experience that may begin in AR and lead to the VR platforms with the focus on the context of the content supporting the needs of the person at the time and place. The connections to others is where I see group insights and expertise impacting the experience supporting coaching moments combined with performance support. The blur is beginning methinks!

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