Celebrating our partner - Entelechy!

Sharing a shout-out about our excellent partner Entelechy. They’ve contributed their professionalism and expertise to a number of projects - including our LXD cohort!

Entelechy is an award-winning firm in leadership development, instructional design, and learning experience development that helps in the design and facilitation of training experiences. They manage the training creation, customization, resource development, facilitation, program management, and all that’s in between – to help clients and companies create better outcomes for their people.

Thanks, @PeggyGreen and @Connie @ttraut for being terrific in every way.


Thank you, Annie! We, at Entelechy, simply adore working with the NovoEd team. We are so grateful to shar in this partnership and lend our talents and expertise to the wonderful work NovoEd drives!


Thank you so much, Annie! We are so grateful for our amazing 7-year partnership we have had with NovoEd. We sure have done some great work together for our mutual clients and continue to do so! We are very excited to be introducing our award-winning (Brandon Hall and CLO) leadership development program, Unleash Your Leadership Potential, built out on the NovoEd platform! It is such a dynamic platform enabling us to create a significant and engaging learning experience for frontline through Director-level leaders! Thank you, NovoEd!!