Conversation Design: The Voice User Interface

" Do you wonder what learning experience designers will be doing in the future?

I think one area where we will need to upskill is in conversation design. Think of the possibilities that chatbots and voice interfaces will provide for accessing information for learning and for support in the flow of work."

Voice user interface


Love this topic @Roxann , there was a report in the last year about an educational institution that compared human teaching assistants (TA’s) and a chatbot based TA and (if my memory serves…) the end of term student survey’s ranked the chatbots higher than the human-based!

The key to these tools is our need to improve semantic search, you can ask Siri or Google lots of questions yet the responses often miss the mark. The tech needs to add a layer of machine learning to ask questions of us to enable it to focus on the narrower need. Think Perfect Service (ala Disney) in machine form!

Post post add - I just saw this on LinkedIn LinkedIn “Have voice assistants failed us?”

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Hi Bill,
Thanks for your interest. I had read a few articles on this topic a while back, and I linked one research article below - it’s an open source PDF too. The chatbot industry has incredible potential and as AI /machine learning improves, I do think it will significantly decrease the human-centered chat’s.

AI-based chatbots in customer service and their effects on user compliance

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As long as the focus is on the users (successful) experience I agree. Thanks for sharing!

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