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I’m guessing most of us have used some kind of chatbot, or chatbox at sometime during the last few years or maybe even longer. I actually participated in a UX chatbot survey a few weeks ago. It was an ok experience, the chatbox’s responses were lacking in human inflection, tone and presence. But that’s probably typical?

Presence, although it is always there, available, so to speak, the human to AI intimate type of personalized connection for my interactions, had been basic questions, totally emotionless even in context. That was me asking the question and contextually viewing the provided answer/response(s).

AI technology is rapidly advancing and improving and while I’m not a Chatbox/bot SME, I invite any SME or experienced chatbox/bot designers to weigh in. Just as important, how are you users experiencing interacting with AI chat technologies?

What’s a Chatbox?

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