Emotions are Important in the Creative Process

Another incredible Book Club session! I highly recommend watching this if you could not attend today.
Thanks to Alex @alexgruhin Zoom Book Club session today on The Art and Science of Helping People Change with Dr. Ellen Van Oosten, who gave us incredible insight and information from her book Helping People Change: Coaching with Compassion for Lifelong Learning and Growth. She discussed coaching with compassion and empathy, and how this can lead to thinking creatively and helping in learning and grow in meaningful and sustainable ways. Social-emotional skill competencies, including compassion and empathy, often referred to as soft skills are now considered as term essentials skills in the business environment.

“And positive and negative emotions both are important in the creative process for teams…”

“This is kind of contrary to a lot of teams and leaders, who think only positive emotions are good, which is not true. Sometimes negative emotions play a very important role. They help teams evaluate options and help other people to deeply think about the drawbacks of any ideas. Consistently, we find it doesn’t matter—positive, negative—all emotions are important.”
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and To be more creative, teams must feel free to show emotions, study finds

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That was a highly engaging and extremely insightful session - we agree, @Roxann! Definitely worth watching the recording. Link: https://www.novoed.com/resources/webinars/the-lx-presents-book-club-live-with-van-oosten/

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