Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability (ERS)

Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability (ERS) are now the buzz words of course design and development. How can we inject ERs inot our course designs? Are there any suggestions, and resources that will help designers and SMEs to inject these concepts in to the courses/programs? Are there certain topics or content areas that are are more likely to have these topics in than others. Please advise. Thank you


At the end of this post ( Ethics, sustainability and responsibility in business and management education - Blog | EAIE) there are a number of resources listed, perhaps one of them might help.

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Thank you WJRyan, highly appreciated!

Hi @NaglaaHassan - you may find one of NovoEd’s latest ebooks interesting…

“Capability Academies: A New Approach for Critical Skills Development” is an ebook NovoEd produced with the Josh Bersin Company that talks about the capability academy approach to L&D.

An overall objective of the approach being to create long-term, sustainable value for the individuals, teams and business by having organizations focus their resources to build experience, relationships, and deep-domain, business-specific capabilities.

This might be a good resource to help designers think more conceptually about some of these topics.

Thank you @MelissaFiske. I downloaded the e-book and will share some of its ideas, for anyine interested in the topic, once I finish reading it.

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