Gen Z does not dream of labor - a thought & reflection

I posted this on LinkedIn and thought it might find some interest in this forum as well. Article reference: Gen Z’s war on modern-day work - Vox

Is this a generational attitude? “I want to be in a role where I can grow professionally and personally. I don’t want to be stressed, depressed, or always waiting to clock out.” I think this goes across all age groups, most of us want opportunities to develop ourselves in ways that allow us to grow. Maybe we should let go of this “gen-blaming” and consider what matters.

I’ll tell you (we’re friends, right?) that I’m a Boomer yet I don’t want my last words to be wishing I had spent more time in the office. The last two plus years has highlighted the value of time, of friends and family, of living fully. From an organizational viewpoint there needs to be a clear alignment of purpose of work to the person combined with a greater degree of flexibility to allow for the personal needs while supporting the professional goals.

I admire those younger than I for acknowledging the impact toxic workplaces have and for standing, rather putting, up with it. It is still true that people leave leaders more than the organization, when it’s personal we take actions. It is time to focus leadership development, from supervisory onwards, on the interpersonal skills that create the professional connection filled with respect and communication more than project management capabilities. Let’s create a new workplace where we can grow as a whole person rather than settling for a “job that diminishes their quality of life." We can have performance success in the space where we have personal satisfaction too.

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