Introduce yourself!

My name is Stephanie Perryman, and I am the Training and Safety Coordinator for Duke Health Engineering and Operations. My position is pretty interesting and deals with regulatory compliance, SOPs, safety and development for our facility tradesmen. My current focus is creating relevant and engaging E-Learning content.

Hi, everyone! I’m Kim Goad, Director of Business Development with Kelley School of Business Executive Education at Indiana University. I’m largely responsible for working with organizations to develop custom L&D programs, and also help with a few of our open enrollment programs. Looking forward to connecting and learning here! Here’s my LI profile:

Hi greetings from Singapore! In today’s globalised world, where connectivity removes borders, so here I am adding to the DEI and hope to learn from you, as much as to share. An early marketer in Luxury (Darphin, Smashbox Cosmetics) and brand creator in hospitality (M Social Hotel), I have Iectured (still do ~10%) in higher ed -Digital marketing and entrepreneurial & innovation modules before I made the transition to adult education (L& Talent D). Deeply familiar with the playbook of Singapore’s vocational and LX community, I facilitate, create instructional design curriculum, coach adults as well as observe workforce OTJ activities and propose learning solutions for organisations. Currently learning -an advanced masters of learning and professional development candidate, I combine market positioning, with L&D competencies. Here’s my LinkedIn and hope to contribute to this community of practice, and perhaps relocate one day to grow and experience another city and country.

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Greetings - I am Darla Buckley. My current roles is a Lead Learning Designer for Cerner, in Organizational Change Management. I work in the spaces of instructional design, graphic design, and strategy.

My degrees are in ID, Graphic Design and Conflict Management.

I enjoys integrating instruction and enticing visual design - and pushing the envelope whenever I can. Outside interests, and work I do, are in Human Skills, deep listening, leadership, how to make amazing presentations, presentation skills, etc.

Here is my LinkedIn profile


Hello !

My name is Luis Gonzalez, and I am the Manager for CEMEX University. CEMEX is a global construction materials company, and we build a wide array of learning resources for our teams across all regions.

My linkedin:

I am passionate about online learning and instructional design. We love to hack the status-quo and come up with instructional innovations that helps learners connect with the content and the key messages. We’ve experimented with simulations, games, podcasts, and are delighted that NovoEd is so flexible to allow all of this to flow along our Learning Experiences.

Happy to connect !

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Hi, all! I am a multi-decade L&D’er, having spent most of that time developing eLearning and Performance Support content for corporate and government. I am a WalkMe certified Digital Adoption Solution Engineer and have been using WalkMe to aid users for over 3 years, currently with ICW Group. I’m also proficient in Storyline, Camtasia and web dev tools along with some amount of proficiency in Instructional Design, technical writing and even a little LMS admin thrown in.

My wife and I live north of Atlanta with our two pups.


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Hello! I work as an instructional designer at Panera. My passion in my career involves creating classroom experiences that result in new learned behaviors that stick. I take a holistic approach to ensure students have follow-up activity with my materials long after they’ve left the classroom. But while I manage the project, I also love creating the content, and I touch just about everything from the writing to the visual elements. I’m currently creating a “journal” for participants in one class, and I’m researching virtual board game designs for another class.

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Hello Everyone! I’m Liz Ostler. I’m the Director of Graduate Enrichment Programs at the Gabelli School of Business. We offer L&D workshops to our students in addition to their coursework. I’d like to keep abreast of trends and best practices.


Hello Internet, my name is Colt and by trade and training, I’m a digital learning specialist. I work with organizations to help build digital learning experiences (LMS, LXP, etc). Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

I live in Colorado :mountain_snow: and look forward to being a part of this community. :heart_eyes: (yes, I’m fulfilling my 2022 resolution to use more emojis…always more emojis :loudspeaker:)

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The formal stuff:
Christine Billings, Interim Executive Director of Professional and Continuing Education, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

The LinkedIn share:

The other words:
I’m a highered professional whose dedicated my career to working with adult learners - from degree completion through professional development. I’m currently leading initiatives around workforce development, degree completion, and microcredentials. Really interested in learning more and connecting with folks passionate about creating high impact, engaging, online learning experiences. While I LOVE my work, I’m most passionate about travel and food;)


Hello, my name is Joe Campese. I am an Independent Contractor for a company called IMS (The Institute for Management Studies). My territory is Greater Philadelphia including Southern NJ, Delaware and into the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. We specialize in Leadership Development programs for our member companies upon which their employees can participate in our virtual 3-hour programs. We also provide a 1-hour complimentary program each month for our members. We utilize some of the nation’s top Thought Leaders to provide their content. We facilitate all programs via Zoom at this time. Look forward to being a part of this group. Check out our website at

I’m Bill Sodeman, also known as billso.

I’m the Chief Learning Officer at Seven Hills Foundation, the largest non-profit human services agency in New England. I’m responsible for our employee learning & development programs, LMS, education benefits, and continuing education.

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Welcome, Kim. Wonderful to have you in the LX. You and I probably share a few of the same connections since NovoEd powers various Executive Education custom and open enrollment programs. Hope this is a helpful space for you to connect and explore.

@billso Hello! - very impressed with your organization. I look forward to your posts and insights here in the LX. Thanks for joining!

@joecampese1213 - hello and welcome! Thanks for joining us here in the LX. I’m familiar with your library of content and your origin story, and will certainly check out your membership org again.

@stine - Welcome! Great introduction. I believe it’s possible to be passionate about many things - learning and food and travel among them! What’s your favorite “foodie” destination?

Hi Annie:

Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. If I can help you in any way, please reach out.


Hello, my name is Kelly Lariviere. I live just outside of Detroit, MI. I am currently finishing my masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and am interested in joining the L&D field. I spent the first half of my career in advertising, and found I really enjoy helping talent grow, which is how I ended up here. Looking to learn all things L&D and make new connections.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:


@lyonskel - Welcome to the LX, Kelly. You picked the right time to get into talent development! Lots of expertise to be found here in this discussion community.

Greetings! My name is Latanya Washington, an Insurance Training Leader with many years of experience who spends time learning to use Agile design to develop and deliver training. I am excited to join this community to learn how to create/promote cultures of learning and continuous improvement in our organizations. Looking forward to learning with you.

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